Each event must have its own unique color and its own special signature over time, creating a pleasant memory that will be etched in everyone’s heart.


This could not be achieved if our culture did not include high-quality services combined with innovative solutions, structured with simple graceful lines for every style, handmade from high quality raw materials.

Our control on each point ensures the absolute attention to every detail, no matter how small, so that the end result will just simply delight you.

About Christina

Greek creator and designer of Myconian Glyfada, Christina Matiatos, with her many years of experience and pioneer in event planning decoration and fashion design, is the person who designs and implements innovative state-of-art events adapted to your own special personality, from the design of invitations, to the Outdoor Design – Decoration of your event.

She is inspired from time and history, our Greek tradition, the sea, the sun, a painting, an era of everything around us…, while she designs an exclusive collection of christening outfit, combining on her own special way, modern time with the latest fashion trends.

As a restless spirit, influenced by the philosophy that surrounds her, she always implements ethereal, simple and unique details in each style, giving her mark through her collections with the variety and uniqueness that distinguish her, creating a game of senses of minimalism and luxury.

Each project is edited by herself, from the birth of the idea and its design, as well as the implementation and final execution, ensuring the quality of the final result, not hesitating to add even at the last minute the touch that may be needed.

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